Biggest Font Style in Google Docs

If you’re doing your writing work in Google Docs and wondering what’s the biggest font style in Google Docs that can make your content fill more number of pages, let me answer that.

Here, I will list the biggest fonts that you can use in Google Docs and also make a comparison to give you an idea of how much difference a font would make.

10 Biggest Fonts in Google Docs

Here are the ten biggest fonts that you can consider applying to your text in Google Docs:

  1. Courier New
  2. Roboto Mono
  3. Merriweather
  4. Verdana
  5. Montserrat
  6. Nunito
  7. Lexend
  8. Roboto Serif
  9. Merriweather Sans
  10. Playfair Display

By default, Arial is the font in Google Docs, and changing the font from Arial to the above-mentioned bigger fonts will increase the number of pages that the same text occupies in your Google Docs.

Note: While there are a couple of fonts that are even bigger than the ones I’ve mentioned above, I have removed them from this list as they’re not professional and can hardly be used in any setting (especially not suited if you’re writing an essay or SOP)

Complete Comparison of Font Style Sizes in Google Docs

In case you’re interested in the complete comparison I did and see the data below the table where I have the font name in the column on the left and the size it increases compared to the Arial font.

FontPercent Size Increased (compared with Arial)
Courier New141%
Roboto Mono141%
Comic Sans MS129%
Roboto Serif120%
Merriweather Sans118%
Playfair Display118%
Trebuchet MS107%

While the Asset font will give you the biggest font for the same font size, it does not look professional and may not be usable in most cases. Similarly, you may not be able to use Comic Sans MS in all situations.

Lexend is the best dyslexia-friendly font in Google Docs. It reduces the visual stress for the reader and improves reading performance. It’s also bigger than Arial (which is the default font in Google Docs)

What is the Biggest Font Size in Google Docs?

For any font, the largest font size you can scale it up to is 400 px.

Even if you try to enter a value more than 400 in the font size box in the toolbar in Google Docs, it will not go above 400.

Biggest Font Size 400 in Google Docs
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Some Tips to Increase Page Count without Changing Font Style or Font Size

To increase the page count in your Google Docs document without changing the font size or style, you can employ several formatting adjustments.

Here are some tricks:

  • Adjust Line Spacing: Increase the line spacing to add more space between lines. For instance, you might change from single to 1.5 or double spacing (Seventeen Magazine).
  • Manipulate Margin Sizes: Increase the size of your margins slightly, which will decrease the amount of text that fits on each page, thereby increasing the number of pages (Capitalize My Title).
  • Add More Content to Headers and Footers: Include longer headers or footers, or add additional information such as chapter titles, section numbers, or subheadings.
  • Use More Paragraph Breaks: Break up long paragraphs into smaller ones. This can increase the number of pages as more space is taken up with paragraph indents and spacing.
  • Include Section Titles: Add titles or subtitles to sections that can add to the overall length as well as improve the structure of your paper.
  • Increase Paragraph Indentation: Adjust the indentation settings for paragraphs to take up more space horizontally.

Keep in mind that these tricks should be used judiciously and within the guidelines provided by your instructor or publisher, as overuse can lead to a document that appears manipulated or unprofessionally formatted.

I hope you found this article helpful.

In case you know of any other Google Docs font that should be a part of the list I have mentioned above, do let me know in the comments section.

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