Hello and Welcome to TechGalaxy.net

My name is Richa Patney, and I am a digital learning specialist. For the past few years, I have been actively working with various online and offline tools in my daily work for effective data storytelling.

Richa Patney

Learning common tools such as MS Excel, Google Sheets, or Google Docs was made much easier thanks in part to some helpful websites and videos.

In most cases, these sites contain simple queries that can be answered with an easy tutorial or video.

As I have continued to learn and grow in my professional life, I also wanted to give back and share some of my own knowledge.

So, one fine day, I decided to create this site on TechGalaxy.net

Here, you will find simple tips, tricks, and tutorials on common tech tools to save time and increase productivity in your day-to-day work.

I am starting with word processors (such as MS Word or Google Docs), but I may also plan to expand and include other helpful tools too (such as MS Excel or Google Sheets).

Most of the tutorials here are inspired by my learning journey or by some common queries and skill gaps that I hear from my colleagues at work.

Sometimes, all you need are some quick solutions that can help with your everyday challenges, and with this website, I hope I am able to help some of you.

While I will try my best to give you the best possible information, I’m only human and bound to make mistakes.

So, if you find a mistake on this website, please be a kind soul and let me know. you can contact me at richa[at]techgalaxy[dot]net

You can also connect with me on Linkedin