Add Columns in Excel (Shortcut)

If you are like me, you probably use Excel for just about everything.

As a part of my work, I often have to add new columns to an existing dataset in Excel. While there are multiple ways to do this, I prefer using a keyboard shortcut.

In this article, I will show you the two shortcuts to add a column in Excel. So, whether you are a beginner or an expert Excel user, this tip is for you!

Keyboard Shortcut to Add Columns in Excel

Here is the keyboard shortcut to add a column in Excel:

ALT + I + C (recommended)


Control + Shift + Plus key

How to Use the Keyboard Shortcut to Add Columns in Excel

Here are the steps to use the keyboard shortcut mentioned above:

  • Select any cell in the column to the left of which you want to insert a new column
  • Use the above keyboard shortcut – ALT + I + C (press these keys one after the other, as if you’re typing)

When you press this keyboard shortcut, Excel will insert the new blank column to the left of your selected column

When you use the other keyboard shortcut I mentioned (Control + Shift + Plus key), it will open an Insert dialog box and you need to select the ‘Entire Column’ option and then click OK.

Select the Entire column option

Some Useful Things to Know About Adding Columns in Excel:

  • If you need to insert multiple columns (say 3 columns instead of 1), select three contiguous cells in a row and then use the shortcut ALT + I + C. It will insert three new columns to the left of the selection.
  • If you select multiple cells that are not next to each other and then use the shortcut ALT + I + C, it will insert a new row to the left of every selected cell
  • When you insert a new column, it takes the cell fill color from the column on the right

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